Hugo Kant


French producer Quentin La Roux has been using the pseudonym Hugo Kant since 2011 but I’ve only just found his latest release, from 2017, through a text recommendation from a friend! I’m not very good at taking tips from friends (don’t know why…I guess I find a lot of the joy comes from discovering it by myself!…dunno) but boy were they spot on with this one!

Hugo Kant – Out Of Time


Trip-hop can feel dated but I’m a huge fan, it has a nostalgic place in my heart. Hugo Kant finds that nostalgic place but manages to make it feel modern and relevant. As the title says, it’s out of time. Not quite sure where/when to place it. It has that 90s trip-hop vibe but heavy on the nu-jazz and touches of some Indian samples used quite nicely. He has taken a darker, moodier approach with this one than his previous releases….but that’s right up my street!

Entering The Black Hole

Some of his beats actually remind me of Dan the Automator (or Deltron 3030) which is no bad thing!

More on his Soundcloud HERE


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