Pianist and composer Matthew Bourne first came to national attention as one of the winners of the Perrier Jazz Awards in London, 2001. In that same year he graduated from Leeds College of Music with a reputation as being fearlessly unpredictable. He is a passionate explorer of sound, possessed with a burning desire to make music on anything old, broken or infirm. Of late Bourne has turned his attention to the world of analogue synthesisers…

Matthew Bourne – Moogmemory


Traditionally Bourne is a British improv-ambient-jazz pianist but this album sees him pushing the potential of a 1982 ‘Memorymoog’. Having it painstakingly modified and upgraded by Lintronics in Germany he explored and moulded the vast sonic possibilities of voltage-controlled oscillators. Created without the use of computers or sequencers ‘Moogmemory‘ is the first album to be entirely recorded using only the Lintronics Advanced Memorymoog.

Very much akin to the likes of Nils Frahm, free falling cascading jazz with a light ambient backdrop, slightly unsure of direction. Arpeggiated synth rhythms slowly building, forming then simmering and disappearing. This album really pushes the boundaries as to what this single instrument can do….again, with no computer aid. He can sculpt a multitude of ambient textures and moods all while taking a journey through this curious record’s minimal, analogue artistry and its initially inscrutable soundscapes.