Autolux formed in 2001, a trio of multi-instrumentalists from Los Angeles giving an Avant-garde rock sound mixed with Shoegaze and Dream-pop. I had actually heard a remix of an old song of theirs – Turnstile Blues (UNKLE Remix) – from 2007 but they very recently found my attention again with their latest offering Pussy’s Dead, mainly because it was produced by BOOTS (mega prolific producer-of-the-moment….as mentioned in a previous post)

Autolux – Pussy’s Dead

The term Dream-pop is quite appropriate for this album. It’s rare to find such a raw, raucous, energy filled eclectic rock band that you can actually sit back and relax to. Maybe close your eyes and let your mind wander. With this album in particular (having not heard a great deal of their older releases) it becomes apparent that they have a knack of taking what could be quite technically complicated arrangements and making them sound easy. Drummer Carla Azar especially, admitting to concentrating more on ‘the important beats’ and ‘improvising everything else in between’….just to give that easy, laid back feel to the group. Junk for Code being one song that she spent a great deal of time trying to make the beat ‘sound easy’

Junk for Code

Produced by BOOTS (producer for FKA Twigs, Run the Jewels, Beyonce) and he does a very good job of making everything heard (in just the right way) without making it all about him and without giving it ‘his’ sound. Everything you hear is pure Autolux!

Psychedelic bliss….