Brighton based electronic musician Alan Myson, AKA iTAL tEK, may well have just released the most beautifully haunting, experimental IDM album of 2016. Very much a dark and, at times bleak, soundtrack style album ‘Hollowed‘ still retains the remnants of his earlier grime/dubstep work but now contains some deep explorations down cinematic passageways with unexpected turns. Definitely an album for listening…..through headphones!

iTAL tEK – Hollowed


Myson’s releases have always contained that quality of being more for the home listeners than the dance floors, from his first few albums from Planet Mu to later ones from Civil Music. Hollowed now sees him exploring the outer reaches, including influences of juke, glitch and IDM. A pleasant surprise full of intrigue for many fans but this album is my introduction to him so I look forward to listening to his back catalogue!…



Just two of my favourites from this epic soundscape. Hollowed is out now and a serious contender for electronic album of the year (in my opinion)