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August 2016

Seven Lies of Djrum


Djrum (pronounced ‘drum’, but also known as Dj Rum) is producer Felix Manuel currently based in London. His music is deep and jazzy influenced with a sprinkle of Techno, dubstep and future garage added to the mix. His first LP Seven Lies was released on April 22, 2013 via 2nd Drop Records and, aside from several EPs before that, it’s the first collection of tunes I heard from him…..loving it!

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Autolux – Pussy’s Dead


Autolux formed in 2001, a trio of multi-instrumentalists from Los Angeles giving an Avant-garde rock sound mixed with Shoegaze and Dream-pop. I had actually heard a remix of an old song of theirs – Turnstile Blues (UNKLE Remix) – from 2007 but they very recently found my attention again with their latest offering Pussy’s Dead, mainly because it was produced by BOOTS (mega prolific producer-of-the-moment….as mentioned in a previous post)

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iTAL tEK – Hollowed


Brighton based electronic musician Alan Myson, AKA iTAL tEK, may well have just released the most beautifully haunting, experimental IDM album of 2016. Very much a dark and, at times bleak, soundtrack style album ‘Hollowed‘ still retains the remnants of his earlier grime/dubstep work but now contains some deep explorations down cinematic passageways with unexpected turns. Definitely an album for listening…..through headphones! Continue reading “iTAL tEK – Hollowed”

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