Although technically speaking this is not the resurrection of legendary trip-hop label MoWax rather than a co-release of Elliott Powers debut ‘Once Smitten’ with Marathon Artists/MoWax. The first release to feature the MoWax logo since 2002, James Lavelle has taken a lot of interest in Elliotts work and it’s clear to see why he would want to have the iconic label attached to it. With Elliott having great influence from artists coming out from the 90s downtempo dance and trip-hop scene, this album is a call back to that era whilst still sounding fresh and relevant.

Elliott Power – Once Smitten


As a huge MoWax fan, it feels nice to hear an album that sounds like it belongs in a nostalgic time but still manages to have a new feel to it, Elliott himself describing it as “familiar but foreign at the same time, with a nod to the past but looking towards the future”. Some songs can have an essence of Massive Attack/Tricky but can still retain that sense of difference and ownership to make it it’s own sound. In true MoWax style, Elliotts music takes as much presidence as the visuals that accompany it.


Elliott Power, a 26 year old mixed race west Londoner can be described as a product of sound-system culture and grew up around music and multi-culturalism. The Wild Bunch, Soul II Soul, Smith & Mighty, Young Disciples, The Sindecut, Attica Blues etc.

“My own identity and branding is heavily influenced by the Mo’ Wax model, that notion of curating a whole world – a consistent sound and aesthetic – with various collaborators. The Headz compilations are trip-hop relics and have been referenced ever since. It’s an honour to be working with James and releasing my debut album in collaboration with the iconic label.”

Elliott Power.

‘Once Smitten’ was 2 years in the making but is out now from all the usual places.