Nils Frahm’s Nonkeen



Nonkeen is a side project by Nils Frahm and childhood friends Frederic Gmeiner and Sebastian Singwald. The trio first met at primary school in Hamburg and throughout the 90s they would send each other their recordings, meeting each summer to perform their own material. A decade later they have collated hours of sessions, recorded over the years, adding parts to some of their childhood recordings and sampling others. They would pick their favourite passages and bounce them to computer to stitch them together and after eight years they decided they had finally finished an album. Continue reading “Nils Frahm’s Nonkeen”


The Mo Wax Return with Elliott Power


Although technically speaking this is not the resurrection of legendary trip-hop label Mo Wax rather than a co-release of Elliott Powers debut ‘Once Smitten’ with Marathon Artists/Mo Wax. The first release to feature the Mo Wax logo since 2002, James Lavelle has taken a lot of interest in Elliotts work and it’s clear to see why he would want to have the iconic label attached to it. With Elliott having great influence from artists coming out from the 90s downtempo dance and trip-hop scene, this album is a call back to that era whilst still sounding fresh and relevant. Continue reading “The Mo Wax Return with Elliott Power”

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