The last project of the late singer/songwriter Gavin Clark, most known for his works with Clayhill and the many vocal collaborations with UNKLE. Just before Clark sadly passed earlier this year, he was working on a concept album loosely based on his own life. With ex-UNKLE members Pablo Clements and James Griffiths (Toydrum) the album was finished off and also given a premier as part of Shane Meadows soundtrack to the show ‘This is England 90



Clark has penned at least one song for each of Shane Meadows films and he said “[Clark’s] latest, as yet unreleased songs are his greatest and have once again become the emotional heartbeat of my latest project”. The album was lovingly completed and released in December 2015. Posthumously and painstakingly assembled from demos by electronic duo Toydrum and featuring guests such as Ludovico Einaudi and Grinderman‘s Warren Ellis. ‘Evangelist’ is a strangely brooding album blending trip-hop, krautrock, woozy folk, blues, gospel, dark electronica and hypnotic pyschedelia. It is all wrapped around recordings of the intimate, truth-telling voice of Gavin Clark.

Evangelist – God Song

In tribute to such a loss of talent, here’s my favourite UNKLE track featuring Gavin Clark…

UNKLE – Against the grain

Evangelist is out in all major music stores or via Toydrum’s Toyshop  CD/LP/DL