Another one of those “this cover looks interesting” finds that came up good…Jordy Asher’s R&B/Soul/Rap efforts under the guise BOOTS found himself being signed to Jay Z’s label Roc Nation in 2013 after producing Beyoncé’s self titled fifth album. 2015 saw the full length release of AQUARIA.



With around 85% production credit and 4 original songs written for Beyoncé, BOOTS has some weight behind his name with a lot of people expecting him to deliver. As you’d expect there’s some smooth R&B production with a few pop sensibilities, garnered with some chunky hip-hop beats and stabbing samples. Nothing you’d be imagining Beyoncé to sing along to but he really makes it his own.


Also having production credit under his name for Run the Jewels, Autolux and FKA Twigs, BOOTS is definitely one to keep an ear out for! Quite a number of hits out there that Jordy Asher has his name to without you even knowing!

AQUARIA out now on itunes or grab the vinyl