Another name that kept popping up through my search for some nice ambient dub-techno was French artist Laurent Bisch AKA Fingers In The Noise. After producing music for 20 years, Laurent now lives a more sedate life with his wife and children in the south of France, devoting his spare time to composing music in his ambient, dub, deep and experimental style..

Fingers In The Noise – Best of Album


Not being aware of what the best album of Fingers In The Noise would be, I thought this would be the perfect choice to start with! We’re hearing lots more lovely soundscapes here…..Ambient pads sweeping round some deep dubby basslines and some more soft techno beats holding the whole ensemble together nicely. This album perfectly encapsulates the best parts of Fingers In The Noise with over 16 long tracks taken from output between 2009-2014. Available through Fingers…own bandcamp as a digital download now (along with the rest of his back catalogue)

Fingers In The Noise – Abstract Journey-Live Set

I had actually heard of Fingers In The Noise before but only as a mix of other peoples tunes. A live set, that comes as a free download, up on Soundcloud that features tracks from Helios, Maps & Diagrams, Volor Flex, Purl and Rumpistol. A nice chilled out mix spanning a little over 2 hours.

Sit back and enjoy!