Carrying on from my search for Synkro similar music, I stumbled across Latvian based net-label Cut Records. Started in January 2011 by DFRNT (aka Stillhead), electronica net-label Cut was set up to provide free music with an emphasis on quality. In 2014, they switched to a subscription based model. A brave step for such a small net-label but a forward thinking move for the digital downloading age that we all now live in. The quality of their releases is top notch, only time will tell if they can keep on releasing under the subscription model.

Fedbymachines – Abyss EP


My first find was exactly what I was looking for (along the ambient, 2-step Synkro sound) from Netherlands based producer Fedbymachines. A small EP that brings some lush experimental atmospherics steeped in emotion. He describes his own sound as quite melancholy and dusty. A perfect fit for these 5 tracks.

Essáy – Distance & Lights EP


My second find was Essáy. Again, very chilled and quite ambient but more of a dub-techno beat behind it. Emotional electronica from Germany. This 2-track EP is a beautiful, relaxed, almost meditative take on dub-influenced techno. Lose yourself and drift away!

With Cut being forced to move to a subscription service (shortly after their 34th release) due to the cost of getting each release properly mastered and sending thousands of email updates. At $2 a month and the promise of at least one release per month (including access to the entire back catalogue!) I can honestly say that it is worth supporting! If any other major labels starting offering a service like this, I’d be very interested! (Warp, Ninja Tune, Brainfeeder, Hyperdub….I’m looking at you!) Quality music released on a regular basis for less than a cup of coffee!

All releases are available as a download from Bandcamp at $3/$5 each. Or you can sign up for $2 a month and grab all releases! Take a listen to their first compilation and give yourself a taster of the labels ‘sound’


Cut Volume 1


Coming on to their 40th release, Cut founder DFRNT has decided to release their first physical project via indiegogo crowd-funding! Titled ‘Cut Records – First 40’ a whopping 4CD boxset in the style of mini vinyl replicas, it will include all 40 releases so far and will be housed in a nice collectible ‘flight case style’ boxset. Only 100 will be pressed so here’s your chance to pledge now!




Give the songs a listen, there’s all sorts of perks available for the contributions, even if it’s just a subscription! Plenty of new, unheard and top quality tunes to be heard!