Fingers In The Noise


Another name that kept popping up through my search for some nice ambient dub-techno was French artist Laurent Bisch AKA Fingers In The Noise. After producing music for 20 years, Laurent now lives a more sedate life with his wife and children in the south of France, devoting his spare time to composing music in his ambient, dub, deep and experimental style.. Continue reading “Fingers In The Noise”


Martin Nonstatic


Coming straight off the bat from my last post about Cut Records, after I had worked my way through most of their extensive back catalogue, I did my usual of heading over to and typing in a few of their artists to find some similar sounds. Martin Nonstatic was one name that kept cropping up over and over. Born in the Netherlands and now residing in Germany, Martin has moved away from live performances with synth hardware and drum machines to concentrate on more studio based productions with his deep dubby atmospheric soundscapes with sublimely subtle techno beats.
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Subscription Based Net-Label – Cut Records


Carrying on from my search for Synkro similar music, I stumbled across Latvian based net-label Cut Records. Started in January 2011 by DFRNT (aka Stillhead), electronica net-label Cut was set up to provide free music with an emphasis on quality. In 2014, they switched to a subscription based model. A brave step for such a small net-label but a forward thinking move for the digital downloading age that we all now live in. The quality of their releases is top notch, only time will tell if they can keep on releasing under the subscription model.

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