DJ Joe McBride AKA Synkro was yet another recommendation from a friend but this one took me on quite the journey of discovering new artists, unheard of (by me) until I started digging through older Synkro tracks. Another artist playing around the 2-step, future garage, electronic scene but also delving into the ambient, futuristic ether. This immediately appealed to me and I started asking around if anyone knew of anyone else similar……I found quite a bit
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Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats


Another recommendation from a friend, track names and YouTube links were repeatedly sent to me until I finally gave them a go! Awesome sounds from local Cambridge band Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats. A real retro rock sound aided by using vintage equipment to play and record with. This band really do sound like they’re playing from the late 60s. With songs about witches covens, guitar riffs straight from the Black Sabbath playbook and influences from Neil Young’s songwriting shining through the tunes, with enough room to still make their songs distinct and their own. Continue reading “Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats”

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