A fairly recent recommendation from a friend, that obviously knows my taste, is this guy XXYYXX. An electronic based experiment from Orlando resident Marcel Everett. R&B samples and very bass heavy, to me, his albums have a very similar feel to SBTRKT……as well as having the difficulty in knowing how to pronounce his name!



Self-titled debut is the one I’m playing the most and while it seems like its based on some sort of SBTRKT template, with some R&B rhythms, smooth retro synths, sparse beats full of classic drum machine claps, snaps and claves. Everett even harks back to some older R&B sounds, mangling and manipulating vocal samples in a very unique way but not to the point where they become unrecognisable…..track ‘Good Enough’ feat a sample from TLC!

All XXYYXX releases are available on his Bandcamp page here including follow up EP ‘Mystify’ for only $1!