Tel Aviv has never sounded so sublime. Post-dub has officially hit the Middle East and it’s gooood! Drenched in reverb and filled with echoey R&B samples, Orlogin has come out of the shadows with seemingly far-away sounds that demonstrate a fine ear for samples. Bass heavy with scatty beats, it’s chilled off the scale, with Orlogin himself describing his sound as “like a heavy pendulum recorded via a dusty tape recorder”

Orlogin – Always Lucid / 2014-2011


Orlogin only has a few singles released and available on his bandcamp but his soundcloud page is full of playlists to keep your ears happy. My favourite being this one ‘Always Lucid’ a 25 track collection of demos/ideas from between 2011-2014. A lot of people claim this to be similar to the underground dubstep king Burial but Orlogin does feel a lot more atmospheric and chilled with some more simplistic beat patterns. It’s all got a different feel to me, a lot more relaxing.

With his newer stuff being accurately described as “fascinating music that isn’t tear-inducingly dull like most downtempo dub tunes. For the most part though, his material explores even darker territory, featuring elements like a thick, thumping bassline that’s somewhat menacing behind underwater vocals, which are almost incomprehensible”

Not a contender to take Burials crown but can easily stand along side him with some superbly produced songs within a (slightly) similar strain.