Although the Finnish label Kahvi Collective has been around since 1997 they only really got going using the power of the web to freely distribute new exciting electronic music all around the world. The ‘Kahvi style’ is very much electronic, ambient, IDM, chill but with such diversity within the label. Their website states their mission is “to gather and provide free electronic grooves……the artists don’t ask for anything, just to listen to their hard work and leave some feedback for them. It makes it all worthwhile!” Through the recent Net-label day! I found them through a post on a Facebook group called ‘Boards of Canada‘ with their recent release by Edinburgh artist Faex Optim who was being tipped as “the missing link from Boards of Canada”…this piqued my interest..

Faex Optim – Mercury


There’s not really a lot to say about this apart from…if you’re a fan of BOC then you will love this! There are a lot of artists that have a similar style and I do like quite a few of them but Faex Optim rightly earns the title of “silent 3rd member of BOC”. Even coming from the same area as the Sandison brothers! It’s as close as you could get to the real thing without feeling like a bad tribute. Warm analog synths, crackling retro vocal samples and bouncing arpeggiators over soft pads. First EP Mercury out now.

Available as a ‘name your price’ download (free/donate) on Bandcamp here and all tunes up on his Soundcloud here with a full album ‘Triskaidekophobia’ out later in the year. (teaser track here.)

Kahvi Collective ‘name your price’ download of ‘Threads’ a 40 track long sampler spanning their full label roster (almost 3 and a half hours!)…check it out!