Nocturnal Sunshine is one of those albums that can get picked up to give a listen just because the front cover looks interesting. Every once in a while you’ll be browsing a bunch of albums and one will stick out for almost no reason at all. Sometimes it can be good, sometimes bad but when it’s good….it can be really good! A nice feeling of true music discovery! This was one of those times!..

Nocturnal Sunshine – Nocturnal Sunshine


London based British/Japanese producer Maya Jane Coles is the creative mind behind Nocturnal Sunshine. I had heard of her as being a house Dj but I’d never actually heard any of her stuff before this chance listening of her new alias. Making her name back in 2010 as a tech/deep house producer/Dj spinning her own remixes and originals, 2015 has just seen a release under a new name and a more free thinking style. This style would still appeal to her older deep house fans but it’s now very bass heavy with shiny melodic synth leads. Very much influenced by dubstep, beats wise.

Believe ft. Chelou

A real nice find I thought, Dub/Bass/Electronica. Engaging enough to want to listen from start to finish but can also fit nicely into the background for a chilled evening with mates round. More to stream over on her soundcloud…

The whole album is up on YouTube to stream here..

..and for sale through most places linked on her website here..