Another great way of finding new music is at festivals, I always like to finish off Glastonbury festival having discovered a new band! My first Glasto I found Warpaint while I was passing the John Peel stage and last time I was there I stumbled across the fantastic Dub Mafia whilst waiting for another band to appear! It’s a lot harder to find new bands when you’re not actually at the festival given the limited coverage by the BBC but this year I managed to spot a small acoustic performance by Electronic/experimental/world music duo Ibeyi.

Ibeyi – Ibeyi


Ibeyi are twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz (and daughters of percussionist Anga Diaz of Buena Vista Social Club fame), Cuban born and now based in Paris, they sing in French, English, Spanish and Yoruba (Yoruba being a Nigerian language brought to Cuba by West African slaves in the 1700s and is a huge part of the sisters cultural history) Naomi honors the Cuban percussive production by playing both the cajón and the batá while Lisa-Kaindé plays the piano and sings the main vocals. Their music brings quite a refreshing breath to the world music scene bringing in a few electronic elements and adding a sense of indie/trip-hop but still keeping it simple and stripped back making it accessible for the pop market.

I’ll be honest and say that their album doesn’t leave a huge impression on me but their live performances are something special. Something about the raw energy and passion you can not only hear but also see up close. It can give you a different perspective knowing that that sound is only coming from those two sisters on the stage in front of you and no one else!

Signed to XL Records in 2013 they have just released their self titled debut as a tribute to their now deceased father and they cite influences such as Frank Ocean, James Blake and King Krule. With those inspirations, I look forward to the follow up….and catching them live sometime soon!