I’ve known Rich for a quite a few years, back to college days, and he was always writing and playing music. Be it with others in a band or just having an acoustic solo jam he seemed to have the knack of taking almost any style and coming out on top! Several punk bands, a couple of rock ‘n’ roll blues/country outfits to the current lo-fi alt pop of Biscuits for Bears, Rich is now in the process of recording some acoustic folk as Ricky Boom-Boom!

Ricky Boom-Boom – Demos 1979-20?? (working title)


“Long time I have wanted to make an acoustic folk album, influenced by Jansch, Fahey etc – here are my first demo’s in a bid to make that album. Let’s see how far we can take this…”

Only really in it’s early stages and presented as very raw acoustic recordings of pure folk/blues goodness. When these demos turn in to ‘finished tracks’ I hope the retro ambience to the songs aren’t lost…they fit the overall feel of the songs and from these recordings anyone can hear how natural sounding the vocals feel along with the almost effortless folk guitar picking! Both can feel soft yet powerful (fave track – ‘Walking Blues!) Can definitely feel the Jansch in some of these..

….to me these songs sound done but that’s just me and hopefully it won’t be long till an album drops! Give these songs a listen and more on his soundcloud and maybe it’ll get made quicker!

In the meantime you can still listen to Rich’s current band Biscuits for Bears on bandcamp here..


Biscuits for Bears – The Hour of the Bear