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July 2015



Tel Aviv has never sounded so sublime. Post-dub has officially hit the Middle East and it’s gooood! Drenched in reverb and filled with echoey R&B samples, Orlogin has come out of the shadows with seemingly far-away sounds that demonstrate a fine ear for samples. Bass heavy with scatty beats, it’s chilled off the scale, with Orlogin himself describing his sound as “like a heavy pendulum recorded via a dusty tape recorder” Continue reading “Orlogin”


Faex Optim


Although the Finnish label Kahvi Collective has been around since 1997 they only really got going using the power of the web to freely distribute new exciting electronic music all around the world. The ‘Kahvi style’ is very much electronic, ambient, IDM, chill but with such diversity within the label. Their website states their mission is “to gather and provide free electronic grooves……the artists don’t ask for anything, just to listen to their hard work and leave some feedback for them. It makes it all worthwhile!” Through the recent Net-label day! I found them through a post on a Facebook group called ‘Boards of Canada‘ with their recent release by Edinburgh artist Faex Optim who was being tipped as “the missing link from Boards of Canada”…this piqued my interest.. Continue reading “Faex Optim”

Nocturnal Sunshine


Nocturnal Sunshine is one of those albums that can get picked up to give a listen just because the front cover looks interesting. Every once in a while you’ll be browsing a bunch of albums and one will stick out for almost no reason at all. Sometimes it can be good, sometimes bad but when it’s good….it can be really good! A nice feeling of true music discovery! This was one of those times!.. Continue reading “Nocturnal Sunshine”



Another great way of finding new music is at festivals, I always like to finish off Glastonbury festival having discovered a new band! My first Glasto I found Warpaint while I was passing the John Peel stage and last time I was there I stumbled across the fantastic Dub Mafia whilst waiting for another band to appear! It’s a lot harder to find new bands when you’re not actually at the festival given the limited coverage by the BBC but this year I managed to spot a small acoustic performance by Electronic/experimental/world music duo Ibeyi. Continue reading “Ibeyi”

Ricky Boom-Boom


I’ve known Rich for a quite a few years, back to college days, and he was always writing and playing music. Be it with others in a band or just having an acoustic solo jam he seemed to have the knack of taking almost any style and coming out on top! Several punk bands, a couple of rock ‘n’ roll blues/country outfits to the current lo-fi alt pop of Biscuits for Bears, Rich is now in the process of recording some acoustic folk as Ricky Boom-Boom!

Continue reading “Ricky Boom-Boom”

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