eleven tigers is an interesting find, having a look for some info on last.fm he’s being described as having the “best ideas from the past two decades of electronic music, including hyperactive drum ‘n’ bass beats, Burial’s underwater dubstep, plus dark ambience and the reverberations of post-apocalyptic cityscapes” and saying that he “answers the question as to what happens after Burial” not sure if I totally agree with that second one but it interested me enough to give it a listen! Bass heavy, IDM and 2step dub. Sometimes ambient, sometimes frantic. Just my sorta thing!

eleven tigers – Clouds are Mountains

Clouds Are Mountains cover

Lithuanian Jokubas Dargis moved to London in 2007 to get inspiration and quickly found it with the likes of Burial and the underground future garage/2 step scene. It didn’t take him too long, with a couple of self-released singles, till he got noticed by Mary Anne Hobbs and was subsequently played on BBC Radio 1. The album ‘Clouds are Mountains‘ was released in 2010. Featuring his signature sound with the song ‘Stableface’

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eleven tigers released his last album 111 in 2011 and have heard nothing from him since! Shame….still, plenty of tunes recorded!

eleven tigers soundcloud