Found myself a new net label to jump in to and make some more musical discoveries! Love Love Records, although based around Colchester/London, has artists on their roster from all around the world including Paris, Milan and New York. Very much an experimental, eclectic collective with masses of leftfield electronica weirdness! Appropriate name ‘cos at the moment I ‘love love’ this label!

Love Love Records – LOVCD00


A good one to go for would be the first compilation sampler LOVCD00. Featuring 36 tracks from 36 different artists across the label! Electronic sound experiments next to fine-tuned club constructions. A mash of jungle, acid house, drum ‘n’ bass and ambient electronica. With a touch of rock and shoegaze! There’s so much diversity within this label that it’s hard to not find some part of it that you love! LOVCD00 is a good starter to download free from the Love Love Bandcamp or at a name your price offer!

One last thing……Anklepants….


…yes, he’s a serious artist..not bad too!