Liquid Amber is a new small label being run by Dj Shadow, not only to release new music from himself but also some new material from up and coming artists too. Taken straight from the website: Launched in 2014, Liquid Amber is designed as a resource for emerging artists as well as a soundboard for anything and everything beats-oriented and dope. Not trying to take over the world, just trying to make it better through music.

Describing itself as a digital music label curated by Dj Shadow, all four releases in the series so far have been available on vinyl in very small quantities. (all sold out now)


Dj Shadow/Bleep Bloop/Ruckazoid/Nite School Klik

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Nite School Klik is the 4th and latest release and is a new collaboration between Shadow and G Jones and it showcases new territory for both artists. This new imprint sees Shadow delve a little more in to the future bass/trap scene that he’s been playing around for the past few years. Darkly tinged melodies and bassy builds. All featuring amazing artwork by Meegan Barnes. Although there’s already 4 releases, my favourite is still the first. The Liquid Amber EP, it features 2 brand new tracks from Shadow and a remix of a classic Shadow tune “Six Days” done by Machinedrum.


All 4 are available from The Liquid Amber Bandcamp as a ‘pay what you want’ option (except for Shadow) with more releases on the way!