A nice find through a facebook recommendation, seems like I found it just in time for summer too! Some nice and sunny instrumental hip-hop with traditional beats, cuts and scratches to match a slightly psychadelic jazz tinged Cut Chemist/Dj Shadow set! Hailing from Richmond VA is producer Dj Harrison on Jellowstone Records.

DJ Harrison – Stashboxxx


Reading on Bandcamp about Stashboxxx, Harrison makes a point of mentioning that no samples were used in the making of this record. I think mainly because it’s not obvious on first listen. Hip hop is known for it’s sound being quite heavy on samples, which is no bad thing but it gives this one a nice feel knowing it was composed, performed, produced, arranged, and mixed by just the one artist (bar a few guest instruments)

Check the video medley of tunes from Stashboxxx:

Some nice chilled, laid back hip hop beats perfect for chilling in the evening or relaxing in the sun on a nice summers day! Stashboxxx is available on iTunes and also on the Jellowstone bandcamp, plenty of other releases from Harrison on his own Bandcamp page too!