I love finding a new band and then discovering that they’re not actually that new, just new to me! And, as a bonus, they’ve had a few more albums before the one that I found! After hearing the new album by Vessels I had to look them up on, check what they’re all about and grab a listen to their other tunes! It got a bit confusing with’s user contributed tags for the band, reading math-rock, post-rock, metalcore, experimental and electronic. Not sure if I agree with all of the descriptive tags there, but I do like the sounds that I’m hearing and that’s the main thing!


Vessels – Dilate


This is Vessels 4th full length LP, released in March 2015, and is seemingly their first foray into euphoric electronic dance music, and it’s working very well! Formed back in 2005 in Leeds, their first few albums had more of an instrumental rock feel to them but here they have added a slight electronic tinge. Only very subtle differences in bringing in a more relaxed atmosphere and some long ringing chords on keys. This certainly brings them forward and sets them apart from your average 5 piece live band. I love the fact that there are dance rhythms going on in their songs but you can always make out that there is a live drum kit being played by a live drummer, brings in that human element in an electronic environment! ’tis good to hear!

Vessels Soundcloud

After finding this band I’ve started to check out their other albums (all available on their Bandcamp page!) While they haven’t all got this nice electronic feel, to me the drummer seems to be the stand out player! Some awesome sounds but always tied together nicely with some well thought out beats!