Aphex Twin released his first album in 13 years (Syro) back in September 2014, his first official new music release since the album Druqks back in 2001! There has been some very unique activity before, during and after the latest release which there are a lot of articles ALL over the web detailing this but if you really haven’t read anything about it, I’ll just run over a few points! (including a free download of over 230 unreleased AFX tracks!)

I’ve mentioned a bit about this in an earlier post about Soundcloud but the story seems to be still going!…The promotion for the new album came out of nowhere with a simple blimp being flown over London with only 2014 and the AFX logo written on the side. A couple of stencil graffiti tags of the AFX logo appeared in New York but with no other info provided.




In 2014, during the release of Syro, an interview with Richard D James himself appeared online in two parts called SyroBonkers and with the interview came a whole host of free to download songs on the Aphex Twin Soundcloud (The Modular Tracks) 55 tunes of unreleased edits and demos, over 2.5 hours worth! It wasn’t long after that when some AFX-like songs started being anonymously uploaded onto Soundcloud under the name user48736353001. While the name went through a few different variations (and is now under the name user18081971 – RDJs birth date) It is widely believed by hardcore fans to be him and older tracks can be recognised from being played at older shows, just never released. The track count is now up to 234 and almost all of them have been made available to download individually via his Soundcloud account or if you want all of them, some kind fan at the WATMM forum has uploaded them here

The nice people over on the WATMM forum have also annotated every single Aphex Twin song (including the hundreds that have been released via Soundcloud into a nice, easy to navigate, multipage google document located here



Aphex Twin sets himself apart from other artists, not just by his style of music but in the simple fact that we hear nothing from him for 13 years then he brings out his grammy award winning new album, new EP and over 20 hours of free tunes! No sign of slowing down either! With new songs being added periodically he is now starting to compile some of them into his own curated playlists! So if you don’t fancy listening to all of them…..check these out!


SAW 1.5

***AFX faves selekta***

Surfing on Sine Waves 2 [[work in progress][not in order, maybe you can order it for me please?]]


After all these tracks gaining momentum, with old fans loving them and new fans being made, it seems Aphex has set up a page for fans to vote for their favourite tracks with the idea of the best being remastered/released. Nothing has been announced officially (like the whole AFX soundcloud dump!) but this is something that Richard wants to do. A project for the fans, voted for by the fans.

.vote here.



Check it out, have a listen and vote for your favourites! vote for your fav sc tracks…..and remember FREE download here!!