I’ve mentioned Trampique a few weeks back but I feel he is such an underexposed artist that another shout out about the man can’t do any harm! Russian artist Alex Frolov released his first album in 2011 under the name Volor Flex and partly retired this musical moniker after his fourth album ‘Sabo‘ in 2013. Two more Volor Flex albums appeared at the end of 2014/beginning of 2015 as a free to download ‘Best of‘ and a compilation of ‘Exclusives‘. All still available at the Dark Clover Bandcamp page.

Today marks the release of his third album (in 14 months) under the Trampique guise – ‘Opscope

Trampique – Opscope


The production process under Volor Flex was very much modeled on Burial, with his ambient/dubstep/future garage signature sound and that was considered his one downfall by many Burial fans (personally I loved it! it was more Burial-esque music to love!) Trampiques offerings are much more atmospheric and ambient. Each album has taken an idea or a concept and pictured or described a place or emotion. Still kind of remaining in the future garage mold, Trampique provides a more cinematic feel and adds it to his dark ambient electronic sound.


‘Opscope’ is out today and all other Trampique albums (Face to Face & The Voice of Colour) are available at Dark Clover Records Bandcamp along with all other Volor Flex albums.