eleven tigers


eleven tigers is an interesting find, having a look for some info on last.fm he’s being described as having the “best ideas from the past two decades of electronic music, including hyperactive drum ‘n’ bass beats, Burial’s underwater dubstep, plus dark ambience and the reverberations of post-apocalyptic cityscapes” and saying that he “answers the question as to what happens after Burial” not sure if I totally agree with that second one but it interested me enough to give it a listen! Bass heavy, IDM and 2step dub. Sometimes ambient, sometimes frantic. Just my sorta thing! Continue reading “eleven tigers”


Maribou State


I found Maribou State through a newsletter from Ninja Tune….they’re not signed to Ninja but seem to be selling their latest album Portraits through their online Ninjashop and I’m a big fan of most of the artists on there so I thought I’d give ’em a go! The album itself isn’t quite groundbreaking material but it runs along the lines of other (almost) label mates on Ninja. It’s got that nice smooth jazz-tinged trip-hop feel to it but bringing it to the present adding an ambient dubstep element. Continue reading “Maribou State”

Love Love Records


Found myself a new net label to jump in to and make some more musical discoveries! Love Love Records, although based around Colchester/London, has artists on their roster from all around the world including Paris, Milan and New York. Very much an experimental, eclectic collective with masses of leftfield electronica weirdness! Appropriate name ‘cos at the moment I ‘love love’ this label! Continue reading “Love Love Records”

The Liquid Amber imprint


Liquid Amber is a new small label being run by Dj Shadow, not only to release new music from himself but also some new material from up and coming artists too. Taken straight from the website: Launched in 2014, Liquid Amber is designed as a resource for emerging artists as well as a soundboard for anything and everything beats-oriented and dope. Not trying to take over the world, just trying to make it better through music.

Describing itself as a digital music label curated by Dj Shadow, all four releases in the series so far have been available on vinyl in very small quantities. (all sold out now) Continue reading “The Liquid Amber imprint”

Dilated Vessels….


I love finding a new band and then discovering that they’re not actually that new, just new to me! And, as a bonus, they’ve had a few more albums before the one that I found! After hearing the new album by Vessels I had to look them up on last.fm, check what they’re all about and grab a listen to their other tunes! It got a bit confusing with last.fm’s user contributed tags for the band, reading math-rock, post-rock, metalcore, experimental and electronic. Not sure if I agree with all of the descriptive tags there, but I do like the sounds that I’m hearing and that’s the main thing! Continue reading “Dilated Vessels….”

The Aphex Saga Continues….


Aphex Twin released his first album in 13 years (Syro) back in September 2014, his first official new music release since the album Druqks back in 2001! There has been some very unique activity before, during and after the latest release which there are a lot of articles ALL over the web detailing this but if you really haven’t read anything about it, I’ll just run over a few points! (including a free download of over 230 unreleased AFX tracks!) Continue reading “The Aphex Saga Continues….”

Trampique’s Opscope


I’ve mentioned Trampique a few weeks back but I feel he is such an underexposed artist that another shout out about the man can’t do any harm! Russian artist Alex Frolov released his first album in 2011 under the name Volor Flex and partly retired this musical moniker after his fourth album ‘Sabo‘ in 2013. Two more Volor Flex albums appeared at the end of 2014/beginning of 2015 as a free to download ‘Best of‘ and a compilation of ‘Exclusives‘. All still available at the Dark Clover Bandcamp page. Continue reading “Trampique’s Opscope”

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