Sister Crayon, Hailing from Sacremento, have been around since 2010, performing under various names and line ups until releasing their debut in 2011 under this band name. Essentially a duo of Terra Lopez and Dani Fernandez, they create electronic, experimental soul sounds akin to Warpaint and they have extended their band to include keyboards and drums for their live shows but still maintain the sound of the band as just a duo.

Sister Crayon – Devoted


Almost 5 years in the making, their second full length comes out on 2nd June digitally via iTunes (click here) with a physical release on its way! Production coming from Mars Volta/Antemasque/le butcherettes member Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Sister Crayon really shine. Bass-heavy production with r&b influences bubbling to the top. As I said before, think of a more electronic urban Warpaint, a nice forward thinking psychedelic vibe with some pop sensibilities! The whole album is available to stream in full before the release through RodriguezLopezProductions.