There’s been a bit of radio silence on my end for a bit so this post is gonna rush through a few findings over the past week or so…

I’m just gonna lay out a load of releases that I’ve found, scroll through see if there’s anything that appeals!….

Public Service Broadcasting – The Race for Space


I always thought Public Service Broadcasting was just some sort of Indie/rock band (without actually listening to them, just for some reason assumed) Hearing them for the first time was a nice surprise. A nice mix of indie/rock guitars and drums with a few dance/electronic beats and synths but also given that slight soundtrack feel to it using a lot of ‘space’ themed vocal samples, presumably taken from the recently opened NASA soundcloud (official NASA transmissions used in various space missions, available as royalty free downloads to use as you wish!) Kinda like a space concept album, it is best to listen to the album as a whole and it did take a few plays for the album to grow on me but I’m loving it now! Reminds me a lot of Lemon Jelly.

Fink – Perfect Darkness


This isn’t his latest album (which is called Horizontalism) but after discovering Fink by searching through videos of Andreya Triana (upcoming singer that has featured guest vocals on albums by Bonobo, Flying Lotus and Lapalux) loved his voice and guitar style. He seems to be fantastic to watch and listen to playing live and acoustic but his production style on his last album is simply fantastic.


Bonobo featuring Fink:

Fink song that I’m currently obsessed with (love the production)


Chambres – Neon Noon


This is a New Zealand based duo with a fairly poppy sound crossed with shoegaze and soft house beats. Think M83, Neon Indian. Debut EP available as a free download or with extra tracks featured on the $1 Bandcamp link


Sensorman – The Presence of Love


Another Bandcamp discovery made through the WATMM forum. German artist Sensorman delivering a nice ambient soundscape held together with some subtle electronic techno style beats. Chilled whilst still engaging.


Ulterior Motive – The Fourth Wall


Quality drum ‘n’ bass from the legendary Metalheadz label. The pioneering label from the early 90s are helping these guys follow in the footsteps of technical futuristic dnb styles of Ed Rush & Optical and are now making a nice comeback with this Bournemouth based producing duo.


Portico – Living Fields


Ninja Tune signed trio Portico (formerly known as Portico Quartet) have not so much changed style with this album but more taken on guest vocalists such as Jamie Woon and Jono McCleery, both bringing an almost James Blake style soul sound along with a couple of songs with Alt-J’s Joe Newman. A chilled electronic modern soul/jazz affair. Mmmmm nice.


Romare – Projections


Playing in the same styles of the Ninja Tune labelmates, having played gigs with the likes Bonobo. Romare still delivers a nice chilled out selection….a dash of trip-hop with the occaisional African sounding tribal rhythms.


Phoneutrian – wireframemixtape


Found on another Facebook group suggested for fans of Boards of Canada, Flying Lotus and Plaid. Instrumental and experimental hip hop and glitch beats. Available as a free download via their Bandcamp page, check it out…