2 great finds so I thought I’d put them in the same post! Both found at work again, so there are perks to working in retail! Attaque and George Fitzgerald actually have some similar qualities. Similar but noticabley different, a nice soft soulful voice with a gentle tech/house beat, bouncing melodies and the occaisional acoustic instrument (nice to hear in mainly computer produced tunes)



Attaque – ON LY OU was actually released in November 2014 but I’ve only just come across the album. Signed to Bad Life records in 2011 this is the Chelmsford producers 2nd LP.


George Fitzgerald

Found pretty much the day before, George Fitzgerald – Fading Love. It was a brand new release when I found it in the dance section at work so I thought I’d give it a go! Very pleased with both finds! Fading love is the debut album from Berlin based Fitzgerald after a string of more dub-techno house tracks. This is a lot smoother but still keeping a nice vibe.

Both are almost like ‘clubbier’ versions of James Blake or Mount Kimbie. A club atmosphere sound but also quite relaxing!