Found this a few weeks back but it’s too good not to post! A random new CD came in to work and a colleague stuck it in the player out of sheer curiosity. Turnstile – Nonstop Feeling. Never heard of them before but it was a great surprise! Nice mix of traditional and hardcore punk with a touch of old school nu metal. You can occasionally hear some influence from Rage Against the Machine! Made me feel 16 again! Nice to hear a band unashamedly trying something that has been done before and just have fun with it. Nothing ground breaking with this albums sound but a whole heap of almost ‘summery’ fun punk tunes!

Heard it once at work, then bought it the next day. It has been very sunny lately so I’ve been playing this lots, a nice and heavy welcoming for summer 2015!

Available as a CD in some shops but also available as a download (and to stream) from their bandcamp page here