Origami Sound

Origami Sound was the first net-label I stumbled upon. When I was looking into Volor Flex about his releases and background (being a new fan) I found he was on the label Dark Clover, a sub-label of Origami Sound, which is now home to 4 other imprints (Clubwerks, Canvas, Forza and Farver) and focuses on some pretty wide range eclectic electronic music. Like most of my other loved record labels (Warp is a great example here…) if you like one of the artists, it’s likely you will like a few more on the same label! After having a listen to Hmot & Nocows album Lost in Taiga and Open Close by Ferrien, I fell in love with the labels ‘sound’

Hmot & Nocow on Origami Sound

Ferrien on Farver music

I’m especially looking forward to the new output from Trampique (out on 1st July) Volor Flex released his 4th and final album back in November 2013 and now releases more of a chilled out ambient feel under this name. He’s already let out 2 albums under this alias and I can’t wait for the new stuff!

(From the album Voice of Color, new album Opscope out 1/6/15)


Still keeping slightly to the future-garage sound, Fauxpas music came next, when Desolate came up on my recommendations feed over on last.fm. A little bit more melodic this time but still inkeeping with the Burial atmospherics!

Desolate aka Sven Weisemman also releases music on this label that’s not under the Desolate moniker, some more house influenced, some more piano led.

New Desolate album on the way too!


A Strangely Isolated Place

ASIP was next to turn up. Being named after an Ulrich Schnauss album, they specialize in bringing artists together to ‘paint a musical picture’ of where they live! The Places series is a collection of various musicians ‘describing’ places either near where they live or towns and parks that they grew up in a nice blend of dub-techno, electronica, ambient and modern classical. In August 2013 they got a Kickstarter campaign going to release a collection of their places series onto vinyl. It was successful enough to be done again for the next compilation Europe in 2015. Both vinyl albums were extremely limited and have now completely sold out but the digital versions are still up to download and listen.

It’s another great gathering of many artists and a great way to discover new names from all over Europe.



Another compilation based net label is Twoism records. Yet another name taken from an album title, the music is almost like a tribute to Boards of Canada. Self confessed from the artists appearing on the series. They are just BoC fans and like making music in that style…fair enough! If you are a BoC fan, this is a bucket load of fresh new tunes. They have 5 compilations in the One on Twoism series so far and are all fan made.

Volume 6 is being compiled and mastered and should be out later in the year!


I’m starting to see more cassette tapes being released as a format for some albums and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because vinyl has become more popular recently but tapes?….really? Some bands do like to have a retro theme/sound to them and the labels that I’ve heard music from sounds quite apt for it. Klammklang has released a series of quite nicely packaged cassettes with all the music hailing from Siberia. Some very relaxing tunes made with a lot of ‘found sounds’….its nice

foresteppe – diafilms from VERANO art on Vimeo.

Most of their cassettes only get made in editions of 15-20 so I haven’t been able to get a physical copy of anything, I’m just happy to get to listen to new music via the bandcamp page!


Whilst looking around the Klammklang Facebook I also made a new discovery from another label making limited cassettes called Floe. Releases of Russian artists in many different styles but the one that got me was some nice folktronica from Lovozero.

Social media

Facebook does help me out a lot musically. I do check out the BoC fanpage and a forum page called WATMM (we are the music makers) which is partly a page for fans of Aphex Twin and other related Warp artists. Fairly recently a comment was started to get people to just comment with their Soundcloud account links. Well….that was a treasure trove! Lots of hit and misses but so much gold too!

socratako. new EP

Mr. Sunshine EP – free download

Well….that’s most of the back log out of my system now! Discoveries as I find them now! Possibly one or two coming very soon!