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May 2015

Sister Crayon


Sister Crayon, Hailing from Sacremento, have been around since 2010, performing under various names and line ups until releasing their debut in 2011 under this band name. Essentially a duo of Terra Lopez and Dani Fernandez, they create electronic, experimental soul sounds akin to Warpaint and they have extended their band to include keyboards and drums for their live shows but still maintain the sound of the band as just a duo. Continue reading “Sister Crayon”


There’s gonna be good times!


I know, strictly speaking, this isn’t a ‘new discovery’ but Jamie xx releases his debut on June 1st. In Colour. Having heard his previous reworkings of Gil Scott Heron‘s last LP ‘I’m New Here’ (Jamie xx ended up reworking the entire album, resulting in the fantastic Gil Scott Heron & Jamie xx ‘We’re New Here’) I’m very excited to hear his first outing on his own in full! Continue reading “There’s gonna be good times!”

Radio Silence over….


There’s been a bit of radio silence on my end for a bit so this post is gonna rush through a few findings over the past week or so…

I’m just gonna lay out a load of releases that I’ve found, scroll through see if there’s anything that appeals!…. Continue reading “Radio Silence over….”

Rapture by Tropics


Tropics is soulful voiced British singer/songwriter Chris Ward. Writing, playing and producing his sophomore LP Rapture giving us a nice dreamy, almost jazz, 70s influenced soul with a nice gentle electronic tinge. Continue reading “Rapture by Tropics”

A Double Post of Attaque & George Fitzgerald


2 great finds so I thought I’d put them in the same post! Both found at work again, so there are perks to working in retail! Attaque and George Fitzgerald actually have some similar qualities. Similar but noticabley different, a nice soft soulful voice with a gentle tech/house beat, bouncing melodies and the occaisional acoustic instrument (nice to hear in mainly computer produced tunes) Continue reading “A Double Post of Attaque & George Fitzgerald”

Turnstile – Nonstop Feeling


Found this a few weeks back but it’s too good not to post! A random new CD came in to work and a colleague stuck it in the player out of sheer curiosity. Turnstile – Nonstop Feeling. Never heard of them before but it was a great surprise! Continue reading “Turnstile – Nonstop Feeling”



Recent new find is Trickfinger‘s self titled album (out now) by ex Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante. Was not really intending on giving this a listen after I heard Frusciante’s previous album (PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone) where he delved into electronic instruments and I wasn’t really that impressed. It hurt my ears if I’m honest but this was totally different. Continue reading “Trickfinger”

Net-labels & Social media



Origami Sound

Origami Sound was the first net-label I stumbled upon. When I was looking into Volor Flex about his releases and background (being a new fan) I found he was on the label Dark Clover, a sub-label of Origami Sound, which is now home to 4 other imprints (Clubwerks, Canvas, Forza and Farver) and focuses on some pretty wide range eclectic electronic music. Like most of my other loved record labels (Warp is a great example here…) if you like one of the artists, it’s likely you will like a few more on the same label! Continue reading “Net-labels & Social media”

The starting….


Right…this is how it’s gonna go down..

I’m starting this blog to document my musical discoveries, as I find them. It’s more of a reference for me to look back on later, to see what I found and when I found it. I’m not really promoting any particular style/genre of music, this is just my taste and a kind of record of what I’m liking at the moment. If anybody reading this likes it too…!

Continue reading “The starting….”

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